Book Two: Miracle in Bethlehem

Journey back in time to the majestic night that Jesus was born with Percy, Missy and a new mystery guest that you’ll meet along the way! Witness the miracle with them as you “jump” into the second book of H. Erin Nelson’s Bibletoons series.







2 comments on “Book Two: Miracle in Bethlehem

  1. Carlos Merle says:

    So happy for you I like to look into buying material for our children

    • admin says:

      Hello, Carlos! How are you and your wonderful family?! I’m so glad you stopped by and have an interest in my books. They are a real blessing to children, giving them a “delicately spiritual” guide in their life. When you order, I will sign them –You may add a note stating who they are for. You can also email me the names at I look forward to connecting with you!

      Hi to all! xoxo Erin

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