Book One: Adventure with Noah

Meet Percy Porcupine, a bored and lonely Creature who is in desperate need of some excitement in his humdrum life; Missy Mouse, an energetic little rodent who thrives on adventure; and Noah, a wise, old man, obedient to God, who is made fun of for what he believes in.

These three characters, along with others you will meet, will take you back in time to the Bible days of old when life as we know it was somewhat different.

Journey back with them as you “jump” into the first of H. Erin Nelson’s adventurous and education series, Bibletoons: Adventure with Noah.





They are strong, like a tree planted by a river. The tree produces fruit in season and its leaves don’t die.

Everything they do will succeed.

         —Psalm 1:3 (NCV)
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