Book 4 Sneak Peek

Book Four: Daniel’s Prayer Excerpt By H. Erin Nelson

As Percy began to listen to Pastor Sharp’s sermon, his attention turned for a moment to the girl in the front row. She turned her prickly head toward Percy and smiled. I haven’t ever seen her before, Percy thought. Maybe we can become friends. I will introduce myself after the service. Percy looked back at Pastor Sharp and continued to listen as the words he spoke became very interesting to him.

“If we turn in our Bibles to the Book of Daniel, Chapter 6, we learn about Daniel being thrown into the lion’s den. But, what is amazing about this story is the prayer that Daniel prayed before going into the den, and the way in which he prayed. Daniel wanted God to save him from the mouths of the hungry lions. He had a special love for God and trusted His miracles. He believed that God could rescue him. And as a result of Daniel’s true devotion to prayer, when God heard the dedicated and strong-minded way that Daniel was praying, He sent angels into the den to close the mouths of the hungry lions and saved Daniel.”


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